Song & Story #8 - I Wanna Be Loved Like That

The song for September is “I WANNA BE LOVED LIKE THAT”.

My oldest sister, Celia, got a Sony stereo system for Christmas in 1992. If y’all are too young to remember this kind of stereo, they looked like a big piece of wood furniture and had huge speakers. You would think that something this nice and expensive would be enjoyed by the whole family, but Celia hogged it to herself and kept it locked up in her room - classic teenager! But, even though nobody else had access to the stereo, we got to listen to it all the time because it was always turned on and turned up. If Celia liked a song, she would listen to it on repeat for a week. By the time the song had run it’s cycle, everyone in the house knew all the words to it - we didn’t have a choice! Celia mostly listened to hip hop but one country song that made her program was “I Wanna Be Loved Like That” by Shenandoah.

Twenty years later I was walking out of the bar in Nashville and I heard my friend Mike Rogers singing this song - killing it! It had been forever since I had even thought about the song and it instantly conjured up fond memories. Then a few weeks ago, I was recording with Mike and asked him to try and do up a version for me to sing - which he did! When you listen to my version, he’s playing everything and singing all the harmonies, I can’t say enough good things about his work - therefore I always accuse him of being an illegal alien from another planet. 

At this moment, the song this month is making me think of my friend that died two weeks ago…Park Miller, one of the Elders at our church. Park lived a long and wonderful life. He was married to the same lovely lady for over 50 years and he spent the last year of his life sitting beside her in a nursing home every day. He was healthy, but she had suffered a debilitating stroke. He is a real-life example of everything that this month’s song is talking about. 


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Song & Story #6 - Bottle Baby Boogie

The song for July is “BOTTLE BABY BOOGIE”.

This song was originally scheduled to release in June, but due to some administrative hurdles related to obtaining the cover license, we had to bump it to July. I'll still be releasing 12 songs in 2019 by releasing two songs in one of the upcoming months so stay tuned for that.

Now about the song "Bottle Baby Boogie"...

Cajun Wade turned me onto this killer western swing tune earlier this year. I think western swing is probably less popular now than ever- which makes it even more attractive to me! This song was originally recorded by the great Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys and to me, Western swing is all about fun and fiddles. This old time number got a boost of style from Wade’s twin fiddles and mandocaster. We also lucked out and got the most legendary steel player in town to play on it...Mr. Doug Jernigan. Hopefully this old number will get you dancing and make you laugh - or “put a chuckle in your shuffle” (trademark, James Carothers 2019).


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Song & Story #5 - Comin' Home To You

The song for May is "COMIN' HOME TO YOU". 

It was written by Mr. Jerry Lee Combs (the bass player who always wears sunglasses) way back before I even knew him. Sometimes when I’m taking a break in the middle of a gig, I hand the acoustic guitar over to Jerry Lee and he sings a couple of ballads that he wrote. Whenever he sings this one, the girls all seem to really like it and I figured that we needed to have an original song that said “I love you” rather than more drinking and cheating songs. My wife also really liked the song and I figured it’d score me a few brownie points if she heard me singing something nice for once! lol The vibe of this one feels like a combination of 90's Travis Tritt & Poison to me.

Jerry Lee sent me his thoughts on the song to share with y'all too, so you can read those below.



On the surface, "Comin' Home To You" seems like an honest account of someone happily in love. As a songwriter it seems natural to write about life as you experience it. That is not the case with this song.

"Comin' Home To You" was written at a time when I was at the end of a relationship. I really wanted to write a song that day but everything I was feeling was so negative that I couldn’t. So I decided to step outside of myself and write a song about someone who was happy.

A lot of songwriters can write songs from the third person easily but that was never the case with me. All of my songs were always so personal. So I sat down that day outside of myself and wrote a song about how I felt the end of a day should feel to someone in love. That was 11 years ago and today it does explain exactly how I feel in my marriage and at the end of my days. And now thankfully I know how other people can relate to this feeling and this song.

I'm thankful to have an artist record it that sings songs about real life (not just moonshine and honey bees). Thank you, James Carothers! To all the other songwriters that write about what they’re feeling today or what they want to be feeling tomorrow, just write it! It might be 11 years from now but somebody will believe in it and record it and want to share with the world.

Jerry Lee

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Song & Story #4 - Papaw's Little Truck

The song for April is “PAPAW’s LITTLE TRUCK”. 

Papaw (my Grandpa) always had little trucks that he drove around that were in really bad shape. No doubt they were a danger to himself and everyone else that was on the road!

Since people have been hearing this song, they’ve been sharing stories with me about their own grandpa’s trucks & I've loved seeing them. I think we ought-ta all get together and have a rally of little grandpa work trucks - kinda like they do in Sturgis with the Harley Davidson's!

Hope this one takes you back to the days of little Datsuns, Couriers, Luvs and all the other mechanical marvels that our forefathers pioneered with!


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Song & Story #2 - I Know Too Many Women At This Bar (feat. Wade Landry)


I’m gonna tell you how we wrote this song. Now before you get started, I’m warning you that this is going to be a pretty rambling story with little pay-off. The song has never been in a movie or won any awards, but if you like true stories about things then keep reading!

A few months ago...

“I need a dag-gum Cajun song is what I need,” I yelled through the cell phone. The cell phone was on the “speaker” setting and I poured my heart out (hands-free), to the fiddle player on the other end of the line.

“I’ll give you a Cajun song sooonnn!” he replied. “I’m a certified 24 karat Coonass from south Louisiana and you ain’t heard no Cajun singing like dis here dat i’m bout to do!” And before I could say Thibodeaux, Cajun Wade, the fiddler, had penned the second verse of the song in perfect French! I got no idea what it really says. For all I know, he could be threatening rival alligator hunters! I think that’s what they do down yonder on the bayou!!!!

Let me backup just a hair...

Cajun Wade’s real name is Wade Landry. We started playing with him back early last fall when Andy was out on tour with a major artist. The band all agreed that Wade was to help us become more Cajun and teach us the ways of a Louisiana show-man!

Step one: insist on Jack Daniels after the completion of each song - check!

Step two: make a song that has French singin’ and fast fiddlin’ - check! 

Rewind even further...

I’ll tell you how I got the song title “Too Many Women At This Bar.” That all happened back in 2017 before we even knew anything about crawdads or jambalaya. Ah, I can still see that Saturday night when our great friend, Michael, ridiculously invited three separate ladies to the same dancing engagement that we were playing. He got a lot of mean looks but it didn’t inhibit his dance moves.

Fast forward a couple years... 

Michael’s waltzed himself into true love and is living happily ever after...and as it turned out, he too was born in Louisiana.

Please be practicing the hollering of “AAAAAA-EEEEEEEE” for when you come to see us.


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Song & Story #1 - Crazy Man

The song for January is “CRAZY MAN”.

Whatever kind of craziness you got going on in life, here’s a little of mine with “crazy” right there in the title...

If you’re a lady, you can just dedicate it to the special man in your life when you sing along or you might relate yourself! 

Walking around town, any town, toting a guitar says a lot. It tells everybody that I’m at least half nuts. Guitar toting is for hippies, hitchhikers, homeless...etc. But then again, some folks walk around towns with guns strapped to their hips...professional lawmen, cowboys, hunters, etc.

Now days, most folks walk around towns with a computer machine in front of their face. Every once in a while they look up for long enough to see someone toting a gun or a guitar and they think to themselves, “Well, at least I’m not crazy like that weirdo!” 😂

In “Crazy Man”, I’m singing about playing guitar, but it could just as easily be about welding together a demolition derby car, taking out a loan to buy a barrel racing horse, or any number of crazy things folks do.

There’s all kinds of crazy times that people have...

It’s an endearing term to your biker cousin and your dear ole aunt that’s running 100 mph / 24-7 / 365, raising 3 grand kids and her 16 year old poodle. Now that’s crazy!

Folks going to Vegas and Nashville for a crazy time are really just changing their craziness for a few days - whatever they left at home is probably more intense.

I guess there’s a few people in the world that may know how crazy we are, and I guess they’re probably our friends, and for that we can be thankful…especially if they bust us out of our rubber room every once in a while!


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