Song & Story #1 - Crazy Man

The song for January is “CRAZY MAN”.

Whatever kind of craziness you got going on in life, here’s a little of mine with “crazy” right there in the title...

If you’re a lady, you can just dedicate it to the special man in your life when you sing along or you might relate yourself! 

Walking around town, any town, toting a guitar says a lot. It tells everybody that I’m at least half nuts. Guitar toting is for hippies, hitchhikers, homeless...etc. But then again, some folks walk around towns with guns strapped to their hips...professional lawmen, cowboys, hunters, etc.

Now days, most folks walk around towns with a computer machine in front of their face. Every once in a while they look up for long enough to see someone toting a gun or a guitar and they think to themselves, “Well, at least I’m not crazy like that weirdo!” 😂

In “Crazy Man”, I’m singing about playing guitar, but it could just as easily be about welding together a demolition derby car, taking out a loan to buy a barrel racing horse, or any number of crazy things folks do.

There’s all kinds of crazy times that people have...

It’s an endearing term to your biker cousin and your dear ole aunt that’s running 100 mph / 24-7 / 365, raising 3 grand kids and her 16 year old poodle. Now that’s crazy!

Folks going to Vegas and Nashville for a crazy time are really just changing their craziness for a few days - whatever they left at home is probably more intense.

I guess there’s a few people in the world that may know how crazy we are, and I guess they’re probably our friends, and for that we can be thankful…especially if they bust us out of our rubber room every once in a while!


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