Song & Story #2 - I Know Too Many Women At This Bar (feat. Wade Landry)


I’m gonna tell you how we wrote this song. Now before you get started, I’m warning you that this is going to be a pretty rambling story with little pay-off. The song has never been in a movie or won any awards, but if you like true stories about things then keep reading!

A few months ago...

“I need a dag-gum Cajun song is what I need,” I yelled through the cell phone. The cell phone was on the “speaker” setting and I poured my heart out (hands-free), to the fiddle player on the other end of the line.

“I’ll give you a Cajun song sooonnn!” he replied. “I’m a certified 24 karat Coonass from south Louisiana and you ain’t heard no Cajun singing like dis here dat i’m bout to do!” And before I could say Thibodeaux, Cajun Wade, the fiddler, had penned the second verse of the song in perfect French! I got no idea what it really says. For all I know, he could be threatening rival alligator hunters! I think that’s what they do down yonder on the bayou!!!!

Let me backup just a hair...

Cajun Wade’s real name is Wade Landry. We started playing with him back early last fall when Andy was out on tour with a major artist. The band all agreed that Wade was to help us become more Cajun and teach us the ways of a Louisiana show-man!

Step one: insist on Jack Daniels after the completion of each song - check!

Step two: make a song that has French singin’ and fast fiddlin’ - check! 

Rewind even further...

I’ll tell you how I got the song title “Too Many Women At This Bar.” That all happened back in 2017 before we even knew anything about crawdads or jambalaya. Ah, I can still see that Saturday night when our great friend, Michael, ridiculously invited three separate ladies to the same dancing engagement that we were playing. He got a lot of mean looks but it didn’t inhibit his dance moves.

Fast forward a couple years... 

Michael’s waltzed himself into true love and is living happily ever after...and as it turned out, he too was born in Louisiana.

Please be practicing the hollering of “AAAAAA-EEEEEEEE” for when you come to see us.


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