Song & Story #5 - Comin' Home To You

The song for May is "COMIN' HOME TO YOU". 

It was written by Mr. Jerry Lee Combs (the bass player who always wears sunglasses) way back before I even knew him. Sometimes when I’m taking a break in the middle of a gig, I hand the acoustic guitar over to Jerry Lee and he sings a couple of ballads that he wrote. Whenever he sings this one, the girls all seem to really like it and I figured that we needed to have an original song that said “I love you” rather than more drinking and cheating songs. My wife also really liked the song and I figured it’d score me a few brownie points if she heard me singing something nice for once! lol The vibe of this one feels like a combination of 90's Travis Tritt & Poison to me.

Jerry Lee sent me his thoughts on the song to share with y'all too, so you can read those below.



On the surface, "Comin' Home To You" seems like an honest account of someone happily in love. As a songwriter it seems natural to write about life as you experience it. That is not the case with this song.

"Comin' Home To You" was written at a time when I was at the end of a relationship. I really wanted to write a song that day but everything I was feeling was so negative that I couldn’t. So I decided to step outside of myself and write a song about someone who was happy.

A lot of songwriters can write songs from the third person easily but that was never the case with me. All of my songs were always so personal. So I sat down that day outside of myself and wrote a song about how I felt the end of a day should feel to someone in love. That was 11 years ago and today it does explain exactly how I feel in my marriage and at the end of my days. And now thankfully I know how other people can relate to this feeling and this song.

I'm thankful to have an artist record it that sings songs about real life (not just moonshine and honey bees). Thank you, James Carothers! To all the other songwriters that write about what they’re feeling today or what they want to be feeling tomorrow, just write it! It might be 11 years from now but somebody will believe in it and record it and want to share with the world.

Jerry Lee

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