Song & Story #6 - Bottle Baby Boogie

The song for July is “BOTTLE BABY BOOGIE”.

This song was originally scheduled to release in June, but due to some administrative hurdles related to obtaining the cover license, we had to bump it to July. I'll still be releasing 12 songs in 2019 by releasing two songs in one of the upcoming months so stay tuned for that.

Now about the song "Bottle Baby Boogie"...

Cajun Wade turned me onto this killer western swing tune earlier this year. I think western swing is probably less popular now than ever- which makes it even more attractive to me! This song was originally recorded by the great Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys and to me, Western swing is all about fun and fiddles. This old time number got a boost of style from Wade’s twin fiddles and mandocaster. We also lucked out and got the most legendary steel player in town to play on it...Mr. Doug Jernigan. Hopefully this old number will get you dancing and make you laugh - or “put a chuckle in your shuffle” (trademark, James Carothers 2019).


LISTEN HERE or click the pic below.